Day #21 

I have arrived now I will ask the towns people around here if they have seen paul i will also send some bandits to search for him as well I have given them all a detailed sketch of what he looks like by my personal artist. we should fine him by tomorrow but i don’t even think I can stand another day considering the fact of the horrific stench of this disgrace of a town.

- John

Day #20

Last night i started my journey the bandits i am with currently are putridly disgusting and i cannot get over the foul stench of this cab, none the matter all will be good once i get my hands on paul..

Day #19

My plan is working good I have gotten information out of one of the workers, Eduardo he told me he was somewhere in the eastern part of the slums i’m going to start my journey tonight but for now i’m going to see my child and wife for the lat time for a few days. I will miss her dearly and my family has agreed to start cleaning out the house for me.

- John

Day #18

I’VE GOT IT! I’m sure one of the workers here know where paul has gone and i’ll offer a huge rewards for who ever tells me where he has gone. And once we find him i’ll tell him it was a huge misunderstanding and offer him a huge raise as an apology he will surely take i and after a week or two I will eliminate him.. 

- John

Day #17

I sent as many thugs and bandits I could to fine paul hes probably somewhere in the slums But, on another note the maid has ben taking care of the baby while so the wife can now do her usual garden work making crops and such for the new house my family doesn’t seem to mind she also started cooking again so everyone has something to eat all the time. No body wanted to buy any houses today thank god.. i was selling to quickly I may need to buy more homes to sell, so I did my usual inspection of the new house all the workers seemed to be in a slump..I wonder if it’s because of paul’s disappearance. hopefully we’ll find paul soon.


Day #16 

I Attempted to murder Paul.. I failed, he had predicted my movements and decided to flee from the estate, mark my words I will end his life if it’s the last thing i do.. no matter how far he runs he wont make it out of paris and i will search every day and every night for him even if it takes all the money i have i will find him…

Day #15

Now I KNOW Paul has caught on and has taken the life of another besides mine, he will pay for his insolence tonight I will take his life by nightfall.. And unlike him i will not fail.


Day #14

Yesterday my wife had finally come home. It has been quite the pleasure seeing my son, he is currently taking a nap along with my wife they are both extremely tired and i don’t think i should bother them. I’m still paranoid as to the murder of paul’s wife i hope he doesn’t catch on because if he were to find out things would be very grim at the construction site..

- John

Day #13

I did it.. I killed paul’s wife… It was a fairly easy task she was very easy to distract.. With one swoop of an iron dagger she died.. I Decided to throw her in the river so no one would find her hopefully my plan works, as long as none of the servants ( including paul ) don’t find out there wont be any trouble.

- John 

Day #12

Sadly my child will not be coming home today as it seems my wife still needs to be nursed back to health. While she is in the hospital and I am not working i may as well get to more important issues…Killing paul’s wife. If I do decide to do this I would need to do it between the hours of when my wife is coming home and while paul is working i can not let anyone fine out about this…

- John